The Connections

It has connections everywhere. but fortunately the connections have common symptoms which inevitably lead to the necessity to get healthier at least. General tie in is with thyroid, which in turn is connected to leaky gut, autoimmune and adrenal malfunctions and more. same symptoms dysphoria depression anxiety insomnia emphasized and physical symptoms such as tender breasts. bloating headaches and menstrual cramps. For some 90% of women regularly occurring
Indications of underlying physiological problems which can be prevented or overcome
healthy menstrual cycle is 28 days. day1 first day of bleeding first segment is follicular phase estrogen stimulates follicle growth estrogen? FSH dominant phase
two weeks of this then ovulation.
fertilization may occur spikes in LH, testosterone and estrogen
libido increase lasts 36 hours plus a couple of days either way because of how long the sperm can last inside the vagina
Luteal Phase
last 2 weeks of the cycle estrogen and progesterone rise
fertility rises and falls with hormones progesterone levels fall if fertilization does occur during the window
progesterone and estrogen then decrease until the end of the cycle
bleeding occurs and cycle starts again
what goes wrong luteal phase problem, low levels of seratonin, seratonin depends on estrogen for production so estrogen supplementation may relieve anxiety
high estrogen relative to progesterone is bad, will impact on seratonin levels
decrease beta endorphin levels and inhibit GABA production, deactivates inhibition of epinephrine and noreepinephrine, may deactivate dopamine, dopamine may not suppress prolactin leading to breast tenderness ,, may cause bloating via dysregulation of alderstone regulates water and sodium balances.
adrenaline runs wild
all comes from hormone imbalance from Thyroid
neurotransmitters need to be in a healthful state
estrogen is produced in fat cells >> overweight amortization converts testosterone to estrogen. Cortisol competes with progesterone
reduced pituitary health
impaired liver cannot clear estrogen from system alcohol and HFCS
healthy gut flora
estrogen from external sources needs to be avoided
impaired synthesis of neurotransmitters. nutrient poor diet
systine tryptophan
B6 is crucial and C
Inflammation an uprated immune response pushed into overdrive.
estrogen from foods and contaminants.
inflammation in brain may cause mental health disorders poor stress management blood sugar variations cause more stress.So these problems are not mental really but caused by the diet.

The paragraphs deteriorated into study notes and why because everybody is different and the necessity to list variations tends to make the problems very complicated. there are simple answers in the reversal section. So if you are a member you can flow gently through the reversal process with a little help from your mentor or mentors. but for now connect the dots for us and list those connections which you feel are part of your life. So go on to read the reversal section.

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