Reversal Methods

Sorry this has been a long time coming but there has been much research going on and of course the next months will give a revealing insight into the world of natural intervention. Unfortunately some of the bigger and better players in the field have been commercial and so you can find out a little information for a lot of money.
The basic story is to get healthy. Here there is a strong connecting link through the gut via leaky gut syndrome Which affects the thyroid to a large extent, which is the biggest player in the hormonal chain. So what does all this mean?
The foods and pollutants we are exposed to generally are almost all antagonistic to the thyroid and of course wheat is the worst. It is also the biggest ingredient in our food chains and the cheapest. So this makes it difficult in the first place. So what we will do here is to list the most antagonistic foods then suggest a range of foods which are supportive. It must be remembered that the autoimmune system is also deeply involved here. The only supplement we have tested with notable success so far is the 98Alive product, which is made from tea tree in Australia. The Teatree oils have been used for many years as an antiseptic but in it’s natural state it has components which are too strong for ingestion and therefore destructive. The new product is supportive of the immune system and multiple benefits have been noticed. We are testing other products as they come available.
Iodine is of course important as the stabilisation of the gut/digestive system and the hormone system are essential