Further complications and further study notes type layout. it is important for you to scan through them and make the connections with your own life and problems. During the reversal program the lessur problems are forgotten and so the mental rating of progress is critical to understanding the importance of each step along the way.


What goes wrong luteal phase problem, low levels of seratonin, seratonin depends on estrogen for production so estrogen supplementation may relieve anxiety
high estrogen relative to progesterone is bad, will impact on seratonin levels
decrease beta endorphin levels and inhibit GABA production, deactivates inhibition of epinephrine and noreepinephrine, may deactivate dopamine, dopamine may not suppress prolactin leading to breast tenderness ,, may cause bloating via dysregulation of alderstone regulates water and sodium balances.
adrenaline runs wild
all comes from hormone imbalance
neurotransmitters need to be in a healthful state
estrogen is produced in fat cells >> overweight amortization converts testosterone yo estrogen. Cortisol competes with progesterone
reduced pituitary health
impaired liver cannot clear estrogen from system alcohol and HFCS
healthy gut flora
estrogen from external sources needs to be avoided
impaired synthesis of neurotransmitters. nutrient poor diet
systine tryptophan
B6 is crucial and C
Inflammation an uprated immune response pushed into overdrive.
estrogen from foods and contaminants.
inflammation in brain may cause mental health disorders poor stress management blood sugar variations cause more stress.So these problems are not mental really but caused by the diet.
too much estrogen means too much tissue.
Menstrual cramping is painful.
antibiotics kill gut flora which in turn create estrogen promotion.
eat probiotics, fermented foods protein. do not eat soy and foods contained in plastic. Reduce stress. exercise
supplements good probiotics, magnesium,calcium, vitamin d, Manganese, Zinc, vitamin C, B3 and B6, vitamin E L Tryptophan Tyrosine, melatonin, Chaste berry, St Johns wort.
More editing and more comprehensive study to come.