Alissa’s Story


This story for acne, diabetes, pms etc as well
Alias Vitti
Well the latest news on this channel is about the story of Alisa Vitti as shared on the Eating Psychology get together with Marc David. This was one of the fantastic barrages of natural health information to come through this year following closely on a wonderfull assembly of healers put on by Hay House with the amazing Louise Hay. Not to mention the thyroid summit. We sponges of natural health information have been truly blessed this year.
So on with the story. Alissa was one of millions of young girls nowadays who have had erratic menstrual cycles and also was an insomniac with buckets of acne sores and overweight as well. What is this telling you? Or do you share the problem. Well forget the pills and potions. The connection between the hormones and overweight is observed by every natural health practitioner even though they each have their own methods of dealing with it. Why? well the connection brings up another and that is stress or depression or any other description including suicidal that comes to mind. Sometimes one of the three is missing from your particular equation. Everyone is different but as female human beings the story is so common and needs to be addressed with some logic if a permanent reversal of all symptoms is to be achieved.
Polycystic ovarian syndrome is what we are discussing here, so shelve the connections and call the conditions symptoms . So for Alissa the gynecologists prognosis was the same as their set of answers all over the world to most girls in the same boat. Your obesity will continue with increased likelihood of diabetes, fertility problems and cancer likelihood but do not worry we can medicate you all the way through all of this mess!!!! Wow.
Your question is always “will any of these medications fix the problem? Answer No! Like Alissa you could go through many years of research and testing methods and products or be lucky to find the answers straight away.
Back to the story Alissa loves to show off her beautiful skin with no acne as she shares her woman code system. Endocrine support, blood sugar stabilization and adrenal support understanding the influencing factors in estrogen metabolism. The system involves a cyclical eating for nourishment plan which is one of many but it appears to be one of the ones which works. So along with the avoidance or reversal of all those horrible diseases come s some bonuses like a comfortable sex life and beautiful appearance.
Alissa mentions he bicycler study which conclusively links these hormonal imbalances and is a causal factor in PMS as well.
Alissa’s toolkit is basically food. as it should be and supplements she describes as bridges,
probably a little like superchargers they actually reduce the healing time but do not accomplish the healing permanently. So this includes almost every supplement on the shelf of the health food store. They are still important if you get the right ones. Real food she explains is about micronutrients. Very few micronutrients survive cooking or processing so they are only available in raw foods or as supplements.

In two generations girls have gone from worrying about getting another baby in their forties to worrying whether they can get pregnant at all. Alissa explains that this scenario sneaks in slowly and quietly as a byproduct of our eating habits and especially for women, what they put on their bodies includes some pretty damaging chemicals with endocrine suppressant and disruptive capabilities.
In the brain is created craving along with specialty cycles in women which are directly connected to the hormonal cycle. So Alissa’s method is to use foods that balance the estrogen component especially of the hormonal cycle so that cravings are eliminated often
before the period part of the menstrual cycle.
There is some excitement about the female component and the observation of the periods as a source of power and not what society has deemed to be a complication or limitation. There is creation matrix embedded in the four week cycle according to Alissa.
initiation phase getting started/new projects
follicular phase magnetic phase brain chemistry alows women to be verbal geniuses in that time
luteal phase naturally gifted at bringing things to completion.
menses right and left brain components communicating at such speed and integration, decision time. get the life you want through the architecture of your body.
Again the attention given to the female period as the hub of the cycle is wrong as a woman’s hormones are fluctuating all day long all the time. It actually happens for men as well.
Mood swings and irritability come mostly from the gap in concentration between estrogen and progesterone. as also are loss of libido, headaches and lack of energy. PMS does not actually exist. It is just an eating disorder which affects hormones.
Woman Code is her book. System is online. Check it out.